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12 Awesome Coloring Projects for Kids

Color makes the world a beautiful place. No one understands this better than children. After all, they will decorate just about anything they can get their hands on — the walls, their clothes, your briefcase, and sometimes their younger siblings’ faces. Children’s incredibly vivid imaginations allow them to see a slew of creative possibilities in […]

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Adult Coloring Books: The Perfect Stress Reliever

My grandfather passed away a few months ago. Afterwards, when I rejoined my boyfriend on tour with a traveling musical, I struggled with feelings of loss while surrounded by strangers. One night, I wandered aimlessly through a bookstore and found myself thumbing through coloring books that were designed for adults. I bought one and started […]

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10 Best Coloring Pages for Young Girls

Coloring pages are a fun activity that probably makes you think of your childhood drawing sessions… But did you know that this fun and free activity can provide lifelong benefits to children? Coloring books and coloring pages are great educational tools to prepare kids for school and life. When it comes to having girls, we […]

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10 Benefits of Coloring Pages for Children (and Adults)

If you think that coloring books, crayons and colored markers are just for kids, you have clearly not been paying attention. Adult coloring books have revolutionized the literary world, and everyone from new authors and illustrators to the biggest names in various genres have lent a hand. If you have not yet explored the fascinating […]

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Top 10 Shopkins Coloring Pages

Shopkins are a toy developed by an Australian company known as Moose Toys. They created a collection of thousands of figurines known as Shopkins which resemble household items and food items. Along as being collectible figurines, they have books, trading cards, movies, and apps dedicated for this specific purpose. The brand has been integrated with […]